Keyed on Queen

In my first novel ‘IMPERFECT’, the murder-victim is Bill Stewart, the co-founder and co-owner of a very successful importing business. Bill drove a high-end Bentley Flying Spur which was his darling. He was known to continually rant and rave that there were all kinds of people that had no respect for the property of others. He worried that these ‘stupid people’ types would carelessly dent or scratch his beautiful car, or worse yet, damage it on purpose.

The idea for this character trait of Bill Stewart came from some real-life occurrences. There were three of them: my car was deeply ‘keyed’ by a cyclist on the driver’s side while I had my back turned to mail a letter; a friend’s new car was recently scratched all down the passenger side at a shopping mall; and several years ago I was told by a good friend about a Rolls Royce that had profane words scratched in the hood of it just three weeks after it was purchased by a business client of his.

An accidental scratch or dent to your car by a careless person flinging their car door open into your vehicle without concern – well that can be extremely annoying. If you’ve ever had damage Rolls Roycepurposely inflicted to your property, though, that’s a much more painful and irritating experience that you won’t soon forget! Not only are you furious when you first discover the insult, but it can eat at you for a very long time, and if you let it, it can drive you crazy. The Rolls Royce owner, who had a love for fine and precious things, was so very proud to have finally ‘made it’ into the big leagues with his shiny new Rolls. He was seriously disappointed, however, to have much of the enjoyment of owning one of the finest automobiles on the planet severely impacted by someone jealous and spiteful of the wealth and success such a vehicle represents to most people. After I discovered that my car had been keyed on Queen Street near where I live, I have to admit that I would have loved to catch and punish the heck out of the culprit in ways I wouldn’t care to mention here.

I was very fortunate that I knew the right people to repair the scratch to my car and return it to its former beauty, if only that beauty was in my mind alone. The fact remains that although I am talking about material items and the emotions relating to the ownership of these, people that carelessly or purposely damage your property deserve to be taught a lesson with r-e-s-p-e-c-t to the property of others. Ever had your car damaged by a careless or evil someone? I’d like to hear about your experience.

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